+ How much is the registration fee?

Your Coastrek registration fee is your ticket to an amazing adventure journey which will bring you and your friends health, fitness and happiness, culminating in an exhilaration which will last for weeks. For more details please see answers to questions below.

Registration Fee details:


 30km Event

60km Event

 Valid from

Early Bird Discount

(to get the Early Bird each team member must pay for their entry before 5pm Thur 3 May) 

$159 pp
($636 per team)

$209 pp 
($836 per team)

Tues 1 May - Thur 3 May 5pm (AEDT)


 $172 pp 
($688 per team)

 $234 pp 
($936 per team)

Valid after Early Bird closes

Late Mates

$184 pp 
($736 per team)

 $255 pp 
($1020 per team) 

Valid after Registration is closed


Fundraising requirement: When you register for Coastrek you commit to raise $2,000 to help support hiking for wellbeing, that's just $500 per team member. It's not as hard as you might think! You'll be surprised at how generous your friends and family will be when they learn that you're going to walk for up to 18 hours to raise money to support mental health and wellbeing in Australia. Please note that your registration fee is non-refundable and not tax deductible. 100% your registration fee is used to cover the cost of your Coastrek experience but this amount does not cover all event expenses. Our Partners and fundraising sponsors bridge the funding gap.

+ What do I get for my registration fee?

For the price of a big night out, you and your friends get to transform your life.

From the moment you join a team on this amazing adventure, you will be connected with the energy and power of Wild Women On Top. We will help you prepare, every step of the way, by providing you with the following benefits before the event:

We are passionate about providing you with a World Class Event that is high quality, well organised, fun and most importantly safe.


+ Can we get a refund for our registration fee?

No. Your registration fee is not refundable, regardless of circumstance, nor do we issue partial refunds, as per the Terms and Conditions. The registration fee does not apply toward your fundraising commitment.  

+ How do I register or create a team?

1. Team Captain registers the Team and nominates 3 Team Members (names and email addresses required & all team members must be over 16 on Event Day & the team captain must be over 18).

* PLEASE NOTE: Participants under 18 years of age, must be accompanied by a team member who is a parent or guardian at all times.

2. Team Captain pays their own individual entry fee (non-refundable, non-tax-deductible individual registration). The Team Captain can contact us to request their credit card be charged for ALL the team member registrations, once they have entered the team.

3. Each nominated Team Member receives an email with a link to register online (www.adelaide.coastrek.com.au/invite) - Nominated team members need to go online and register ASAP to help ensure they receive the current registration fee.

*PLEASE NOTE: Make sure your team is aware that the entry fee changes during registration. They will be charged the entry fee that is relevant on the day they register. If they miss the cut off for Early Bird fee, they will pay the standard rate, even if the Team Captain registered the team during the Early Bird Period).

4. Each Team Member is required to register themselves and pay an individual entry fee by the designated deadline (2 weeks from the date of the Team Captain's registration. (Please note the registration fee for each participant is determined by when they complete the registration process).

*PLEASE NOTEAs per the Terms and Conditions, the Team Captain commits to paying the FULL team entry fee if any of the team members fail to complete their registration and make payment by a specified date. This is, 2 weeks from the date that the initial registration is logged by the Team Captain.  An email reminder will be sent to the Team Captain prior to this fee being charged to the team captain’s credit card. 

+ Are you registering as a Corporate Team?

Please use our concierge service. More information here. Email Coastrek.concierge@wildwomenontop.com

+ What if I have multiple teams to register?

If you are registering on behalf of more than one team, each team MUST HAVE a different Team Captain and also a different email contact for each team member. 

+ I did not receive my team invitation?

If you or your team members did not receive their team invitation:

  • Check your spam folders
  • Ask your team captain to check that the correct email address was entered (they can log in to team management to see this and update if necessary). The email invite can then be re-sent.
  • Team members can also go to the following link: https://adelaide.coastrek.com.au/invite , follow the instructions and join their team.
+ Are there age restrictions?

You can participate in or volunteer for Coastrek if you are 16 or over. If you are 16 or 17 years old, you must be accompanied by your parent or guardian at all times. If your parent or guardian leaves the course or withdraws, then you must too. MOST IMPORTANTLY! As Coastrek is a fundraising event, you must still commit to fundraising with your team.

+ Does my team have to have 4 members?

Yes. You can only participate in Coastrek as teams of four. If you only have 1 extra, find three more friends and enter two teams or train as a team and have the extra person as a reserve. You never know when you need one!

+ How do I change a team member or the team captain?

How do I change a team member?

If your team changes from when you register, to when you start the actual event, don’t worry. Once a replacement team member has been found the team captain should:

  • Log in to your Dashboard
  • Select Manage My Team, next select Team Members tab
  • Select Edit for the team member that is leaving the team
  • Tick the box next to statements “I want to change this team member” & “Re-send this member’s invite and update the details. Make sure you save the changes.
  • The retiring team member’s fundraising will be added to the team’s general fundraising

*PLEASE NOTE: if a person is registered as the guardian of an underage participant, you will need to jointly withdraw them from the event, as underage participants should always be accompanied by their parent or guardian.

How can I change the team captain?

If your team captain is retiring from the team, the captain can nominate another team member to become captain.

  • Log in to your Dashboard
  • Select Manage My Team, next select Team Members tab
  • Select Edit for the team member to be captain
  • Tick the box ‘promote this team member to be team captain’ and make sure you save the changes.
+ Help! How can we find new team members?

Team Captains can advertise a team vacancy on the Coastrek website. Log in and select the ‘Advertise Team Vacancy’ option at the bottom of the Team Members page in the Manage My Team section of the Dashboard.

Post your ad on our Facebook discussion board. You can have discussions on the page, or private message those who are interested.