+ How do I access my fundraising page?

Your fundraising page is automatically created when you register and pay to participate. To access your fundraising page, click the ‘Log In’ button and enter the email and password you entered when you registered. If you’ve forgotten your password, click ‘Forgotten password?’ and you’ll receive an email with a link to re-set it.

+ When can I start fundraising?

Once you register for Coastrek, you will automatically have an online fundraising page on the Coastrek Website.

You can use this online fundraising page to get friends, family and colleagues to donate to you. A secure payment gateway allows people to donate via credit card; everyone who donates to your online fundraising page automatically receives a tax-deductible receipt (for donations over $2).

Your fundraising goal will be displayed on your page so everyone can see how close you are to reaching it. Keep an eye on it and encourage people to help you reach your next fundraising milestone!

Try these tips to make the most out of your fundraising page:

  • Upload a photo of yourself or your team.
  • What does mental health and wellbeing mean to you? Tell people why you’re passionate about taking on Coastrek in support of beyondblue.
  • Update your fundraising goal. Have you reached your $500 goal? Change it to $600! Ask people to help you reach your next fundraising milestone.
  • Make use of the blog section, where you can upload photos and posts telling people about your latest training session or fundraising event.
  • Email away! Use our email templates to send to friends, family and colleagues, asking them to donate to your fundraising page.
  • Get social. Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – they’re all great for getting donations. Use our social media posts to get some inspiration!
  • Say thank you. The people who donate to your fundraising page are helping make a lasting difference to mental health in Australia – please thank them for us!
+ Is fundraising mandatory?

Coastrek is a fitness and fundraising challenge. Every team commits to raising $2,000 for beyondblue ($500 per team member).

We know that raising $2,000 may sound daunting, but don’t worry – the beyondblue Fundraising team is here to help. You’ll receive fundraising tips and ideas to help you reach your goal before the event. If you have any questions or would like to talk through some fundraising ideas with us, give us a ring on 03 9810 6100 or email us at coastrek@beyondblue.org.au.

+ When do I need to fundraise by?

From the time you register you can start fundraising. A great way to get started is to make a donation to yourself – show people you’re in it to win it!

Most of your funds should be on your fundraising page by event date. ‘Tally Day’ is at midnight on 7 October, 10 days after Coastrek. That’s when we’ll recognise the top fundraising teams and award prizes.

Your online fundraising page will be open for a few weeks after the event, so you can continue fundraising until then.

+ What if our team doesn't raise the $2,000 minimum?

If you are a first-time participant or team in a Coastrek event, neither beyondblue nor the Wild Women On Top will charge you any missing amount if your team fails to reach the minimum goal of $2,000 by event day.

If you or your team has participated in any previous Coastrek events, you will need to show the minimum $2,000 per team raised on the Monday before the event day. Any team that fails to raise the full $2,000 by that day will be disqualified from participating in the event. Please note that any registration fees paid are non-refundable.

The Wild Women On Top Coastrek rules give the organiser the right to disallow any team members to participate in any future Coastrek event, if they deem your fundraising efforts insufficient. 

The beyondblue Fundraising team is here to support you all the way – we have a ton of tips and tools for you to use to help you reach your fundraising goal. You can reach us by emailing coastrek@beyondblue.org.au or calling 03 9810 6100.

+ What happens if one team member hasn’t raised $500?

As Coastrek is a team challenge, we look at the team total rather than the individual total. As long as the team has raised $2,000 or more, all together, you have achieved your fundraising goal and are able to participate in Coastrek.

+ How do I ask people for donations?

We know that asking friends, family or colleagues for donations can be a daunting task. When you ask for a donation, we recommend making it personal. Think of some answers to these questions and use them in your emails or social media posts

  • Why are you passionate about mental health and wellbeing?
  • What does beyondblue mean to you?
  • Why did you choose to take on the Coastrek adventure?
  • What is your vision for mental health in Australia?

A simple Facebook post can bring in some donations – trust us! If at any time you need any help, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

+ How can I deposit cash or cheques I've received?

The best way to bank your cash funds is to pay them directly to your fundraising page. You can put the funds into your personal account and then pay them into your fundraising page. Alternatively, you can email coastrek@beyondblue.org.au and ask for baking details to make a direct bank transfer.

Give us a call on 03 9810 6100 if you have any questions or need any help.

+ Are donations tax deductible?

Every donation of $2 or more made to your fundraising page is automatically issued with a tax-deductible receipt. Please note that if a donor receives something in return for their donation (such as a raffle ticket, auction item, dinner, voucher, among others) the donation is not eligible for a tax-deductible receipt.

+ Can I issue receipts to my sponsors?

When a person donates to your online fundraising page, they will automatically be emailed a receipt.

If you’re hosting a physical event and need help with receipting donors, please get in touch with the team by emailing coastrek@beyondblue.org.au  

+ Where do the funds raised go?

100% of donations to Adelaide Coastrek go to beyondblue. beyondblue contributes to the cost of running the event through a management fee. Any large-scale social purpose event costs money and takes resources to run but the wellbeing and financial benefits to the community are significant.