+ How much training should we do?

When you sign up for Coastrek, you get access to our 12-Week Training Program to ensure you’re perfectly prepared for event day! This program includes the workouts, distances and styles of training you should complete each week, and is delivered to your inbox weekly so you have more time to spend out on the trail! Also, check out Coastrek Fast Fitness explaining how much training is advised depending on your fitness level.

+ Do you offer training?

For those in Sydney, prepare for Coastrek with Wild Women On Top and learn the most time efficient way to get your team fit for the big event! You will train on the route and learn lots of Top Tips and Tricks from our Trek Training Coaches, so you learn to train smarter and succeed on event day. Each Coastrek Training session is 3hrs, starting PROMPTLY at either 7am or 7pm. The sessions will concentrate on time efficient training rather than long distance walking. Choose the sections relative to the event you have entered: 30km or 60km, or come along and discover the whole 60kms of Sydney's beautiful Coastline!

If you’re Adelaide based and looking for a more personal touch, come along to our Trek Training sessions. Here you can meet an inspiring group of like-minded women and get a great workout in nature. 

Luvmyhike is designed to prepare your mind and body for your next adventure, through a combination of specialized workouts developed by the experts in adventure fitness. The Luvmyhike Program is a smartphone application that brings you a combination of workouts each week in a step by step guide for different levels of fitness: Luvmyhike is the ultimate trek training guide in your pocket to get you physically and mentally prepared for Coastrek.

Check out Luvmyhike here!

+ How do we get started?

Check out the Plan and Train section on our website (once you've logged in) which includes our comprehensive How to Prepare for Coastrek E-books - these outline everything you need to know to get started and train for this great goal.

Check your email inbox for ecomms that are full of training, injury prevention, nutrition, gear and fundraising tips… and motivation!

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And most importantly, enjoy this fabulous adventure!

+ What is the average finish time and how can I calculate how long it will take me?

We expect the average finish time for the 30km event to be 7-8 hours and 13-14 hours for the 60km event. The cut-off time to complete the 30km event is 10 hours and the 60km is 18 hours. Timing Calculators are a useful tool (available under Preparation) to help work out the speed your team will need to travel at for each leg of the trek in order to finish within your overall time goal.

+ Is there compulsory gear? What should I wear?

Compulsory gear you must carry listed below. Gear will be checked at registration

  • Hi-Vis Vest with reflective strips for each team member to be worn on roadways and at night/in the dark. We are required to carry out mandatory spot checks at registration and along the course. Available to buy at most hardware stores and online. For pink vests try HERE
  • Food and water: Minimum 2-litre water carrying capacity – bladder or bottles. Note cups will not be provided at any of the LuvStops
  • Basic First Aid (e.g. blister pads, band-aids, sunscreen, tape, bandage) + 1 emergency/space blanket per team
  • Event bibs worn on front
  • For 60km teams: Head or hand torch + spare batteries, for the start/night walking
  • Recommended: Phones and spare toilet paper (for just in case)
  • For gear suggestions check out the chapter: How to Prepare for Coastrek – OMG What Shall I Wear HERE and your Virtual Goodie Bag on the website for partner discounts
  • Maps.ME version of the route on at least 2 phones of the team, different networks as coverage can be intermittent. Follow instructions HERE to set it up.

OMG what do I wear?

Check our Coastrek E-Book 'OMG What Do I Wear' for gear recommendations and your Virtual Goodie Bag on the website for partner discounts.

+ How do I prevent blisters and stay injury free?

Read our expert advice on blister management here. Make sure you have happy feet on your Coastrek journey.

How do I stay injury free?

Tips from our friends at Physiocise to help you keep injury free can be found here.

+ What should I eat? What advice do you have for coping with weather extremes?

How to nourish my body?

Advice from nutritionist Dr Joanna McMillan here on what to eat and drink during training and event day


How do I prepare for all weather conditions?

How to keep cool out there when it is HOT HOT HOT and tips for managing the cold, and other weather conditions.

+ What is the route like?

The 60km route begins with a soft sand beach (approx. 1.5km). The next 20km follows narrow undulating bush trails with spectacular views! We highly recommend ankle gaiters and sand resistant shoes to keep out sand and debris. There are very limited access points for the first 20km of the 60km event route.

Your support crew can only meet you at the following points in the first 20km of the 60k route: Waitpinga Camp Ground (3km mark); carpark at the end of Kings Beach Rd 17km mark); Rosetta Head (20km mark).

The second half of the route from Victor Harbor to Goolwa (the entire 30km route) is about 50% footpath/trail and 50% sand. This section is fairly flat, so the sand is the challenge here. Be sure to wear ankle gaiters and sand resistant shoes.

There are very few water and toilet stops along the entire route. You must refill your water bladder EVERY TIME you see a water refill station (at the LUV Stops), even if you think you have plenty left. During training these water points will not be available, so ensure you take extra with you for training on the route.

The delightful village of Port Elliot is part of the route to ensure you make up your kms. Be sure not to miss this section.

The final section from Middleton to Goolwa South will be very dark for those finishing after sunset. Remember to bring your head torch, even if you expect to finish in daylight. The unexpected could easily happen and delay your anticipated finish time.

Important note for 60km training along the Heysen Trail: There is no water available along this section during training. Take a minimum of 3L in your pack and a first aid kit. The Ridgeway Hill trail section at Newland Head which starts at the 4km mark (between Waitpinga Campground and Newland Hill Walking trail) is not maintained all year round, and we suggest during training to stick to the well marked Heysen trail instead.


On event day, the entire route will be clearly marked, however do also download the maps.me app and the kml file incase the markers are removed or unclear at times.